SafeheadBABY Ladybird Pink

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SOFT AND FLEXIBLE: The ultra-lightweight, soft and flexible helmet gives no pressure on a growing head. It's a very comfortable toddler head protection helmet.
EXPANDABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Expandable and adjustable to easily fit different head sizes. Strategic padding placed for maximum protection. Secure soft band V chin strap for a snug fit.
COMFORT AND BREATHABLE: Breathable cotton lining for ultimate comfort. Inner side-Cotton lined, Outer side- Nylon, Spandex and High density closed cell foam. Non–bulky design ensures easy head movements.
AGE AND SIZE: 6 Months-2 Years old (6-24 months), 40 – 52cm head circumference.
USAGE: The helmet easily fits different head sizes. Prevents baby bumps and suits infants who are learning to crawl, walk and play. Protects the head if the toddler falls down and protects their head from any collision. The tape is adjustable to suit baby's head.
SUPER VENTILATION: Superior airflow and ventilation channels retains limited body heat.

Weighs less than 100g
Tested & certified by SGS

Material : Inner- Cotton lined, Outer- Nylon, Spandex and High density closed cell foam